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So, a lot going on lately. Working on a few videos being uploaded to the YouTube channel. More being made every weekend. Heading back out today to work on re-shooting footage of a run down bridge in Hoosic Falls, NY, and then FINALLY headed to an old mansion in Salem, NY I have been trying to get permission to fly around for some time now.

Check Back soon!

Carter's Pond - Salem, NY DJI flight
GE Dam - Hoosic Falls, NY DJI flight
Skyline Drive - Arlington, VT DJI flight
Death of the drone ! - 3DR IRIS+ takes a fatal crash at Trucks Gone Wild

Contact Info

We are based near Saratoga Springs, NY area and plan to maintain focus on a 100 mile radius of Saratoga for this year. As we settle into this business and shift our focus onto it full time, we will grow the ability to travel much further and attend more events.

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GEAR - What we use for gear.


Photos shot using Canon DSLR equipment. Editing is handled on a professional level using mainly using Adobe's CS6 bundle (Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom), People touch-ups using Adobe as well as Portrait professional.



Currently shooting video on two levels, standing and in-flight with a drone. Both methods are shot using GoPro cameras, shot in a range from YouTube quality to full 4k.
Editing is done using Adobe Premiere Pro, along side GoPro's editing software as well as Adobe After Effects.


Web/Graphic Design

Website design is done using Adobe Dreamweaver, and ftp upload process to keep updates simple and fast.

Graphic Design uses Adobe Photoshop as well as In-Design, Fireworks and Illustrator.

Graphic Design

Red Tape Media YouTube Channel

Red Tape Media uploads the majority of it's media directly to YouTube. YouTube content will be edited in full quality, but uploaded in a lower quality that fits the application. While it will appear in HD on most media, it may not view as HD when projected onto a big screen or downloaded and viewed on a DVD. Any videos that fall within this can be re-processed into full HD quality to work on DVD and bigger screens.

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Drone footage

Drones can be a great way to get footage from angles and ways that were once only accessible via helicopter, today a drone can get that kind of footage with ease and at a fraction of the cost.
The IRIS+ by 3DR has a range of automated features that help it to stand out from many others, including the ability to map a path and let the drone do all the work without needing more input from the pilot. The Phantom is a much more user-friendly drone that flies much easier and is good for close flights at public style events.

Our Services

From on-site event work to small graphic designs, we do our best to mold ourselves to your media needs. We are more than happy to work with you on your project and offer free estimates in most cases.


Trucks Gone Wild 2016

Parking lot Drone Footage

Took the drone up to get a view of the lots and a good idea of how many people were there. The event has definitely grown from the previous year!

View the video HERE

New freestyle launch video uploaded!

Youtube Channel

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New Drone in action

We finally have gotten the new drone in the air and fully tested. The Phantom 3 is an absolute improvement over the IRIS+ and we hope to have MANY new videos up soon.

Check out part of the test flight HERE.


Coming up

We will be headed out within a couple days to put the new Phantom to work, filming a mansion that burned into ruins years ago. A place that has inspired photography and interest for many years.


We are reinventing this section

I never really know where I am going, nor do I typically have a plan. So this section is getting a slight reinvention, and will now house links to some of my projects. As I start taking pictures and video I am hoping to be able to include a little history on some of the places I go. The links below will take you to a page where you can view pictures, video or graphics, as well as maybe learn some more about the places themselves.

Rexleigh Covered Bridge - and it's nearby abandoned Mill