After many online classes and watching a few YouTubers that I admired, I continued to hear an echoing statement behind what many of them were saying. They alluded to the fact that their gear had no impact on their success, that it really did not matter what you use for gear. I thought about this for a while and came to understand what they were saying, mostly all of the big YouTubers started their career and gained an audience using whatever they could afford. Their popularity was not affected by how good or bad their gear was, but how good their story was. And that is a big thing to take home with you, is that you can be successful on minimal gear and money, as long as your story is one that people want to hear. Or at least that you tell it in a way people can relate to.
So while gear has a level of importance, it is not something that should be dwelled on. The gear we use is minimal and I will explain the process of each as they are shown.

The GoPro is top of the line for us right now. The thing about GoPro is that they continue to make flawless products that speak directly to what the people are asking for, and they continue to innovate. Their products are built rugged and small, and do exactly what I need them to do. Big expensive video camera setups are great for shooting big movie productions but GoPro is built for everyday people with lives, and packs a serious punch in a unit that fits in the palm of your hand.

I continued to upgrade from one to the next as they came out, until the Hero 3 Black. I upgraded to this because of the improved low-light and have been satisfied with it. I typically sell all my GoPro cameras to get the latest one, and havent found a need to upgrade from the Hero 3 Black. The newest Hero 5 might be worth it to eliminate the need to carry extra housings, as it is waterproof without a housing now.