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Rexleigh Covered Bridge

This place holds many memories for me personally. Some of my earilest childhood memories include the abandoned property next to the bridge. Two amazing people lived there when I was very young at what they now call a Hippie Commune. I remember a huge property filled with awesome and joyful people. My mother tells a story of me seeing one of it's owners going down to the waters edge and bathing nude in full view of the public. Somthing that was a common site aparently to many, as it is noted as a common occurance in some of the articles and photography blurbs online.
I remember the owners, Katy and Charlie as being awesome and amazing people. I know that they are not far from this area but my family and I have lost touch with them over the years. My memory does not serve me as well these days and at times I struggle to remember things about them and this property. Music always stands out when I think of them, I do believe they were both musicians.

What I have been able to find about the old mill is listed below, if you have more information I would love to hear or see it and add it to this. Hopefully more people looking for information or trying to remember the property can find this page and learn and remember.

Built in 1874 - Wiki
107 feet total length - Wiki
Howe truss design - Wiki

So this is what I have been able to compile so far. If you find anything inacurate, please let me know and help me verify as much of this as possible. Most of this was brought together using a newspaper article originally published in 1975, other parts are from various online resources.

Some of the resources I either found and liked or used.

The Salem Press - 1975
Covered Bridges of Washington County
Travels of Tug 44
The Salem Book
Salem Village Landmark Tour
The Crooked Canes Journal
Textile World Record
Knitting Mill at Rexleigh

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